Die-casting foundry and castings treatment

We die-cast from zinc-alloys on die-casting machines with hot chamber. We can machine the castings on CNC machines and provide their surface treatment. The final products are tested and assembled if necessary.

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Door locks HOBES

Our company produces and distributes door locks, the mortise locks with cylindrical inserts or chubb-locks. Surface treatment is yellow-zinc passivating. On request we can also make other surface treatment: nickel-, brass- or chrome- plating, blue-zinc passivating or coloured powder painting.

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Garden Furniture

We produce stainless steel constructions for garden and interior furniture for companies: ALEXANDER ROSE LTD UK and Cane-Line, Denmark.


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Who we are

supCompany HOBES SLOVAKIA s.r.o. is a private Slovak company established in 1994.

What we do

setWe have three main production programmes: mortise door locks, zinc-alloy die-casting and stainless steel garden furniture.

Our partners

timeWe cooperate with European companies (English, German, Czech, Hungarian...)

Machine list

DepartmentMachine type
Department of Equipment List1x solid edge
Die Casting2x LS3 – Zinc Hot Chamber Stroj union
 1x DAW5 - Zinc Hot Chamber Frech
 1x DAW 20 - Zinc Hot Chamber Frech
 1x DAW 80 - Zinc Hot Chamber Frech
 1x DC30 - Zinc Hot Chamber LK Machinery
 1x OLZ55 - Zinc Hot Chamber Oleopress
 2x ZNT66 - Zinc Hot Chamber Techmire
 1x CLTA63 - Zinc Hot Chamber Del Casting
 1x IDRA80 - Zinc Hot Chamber Idra
 1x DC88 - Zinc Hot Chamber LK Machinery
 1x OLZ120 - Zinc Hot Chamber Oleopress
 1x DAW125 - Zinc Hot Chamber Frech
 2x DC130 - Zinc Hot Chamber – LK Machinery
 1x baby plast 6/10P – plastic injection
Die Casting Ancillary1x Automatic feeding machine Stroj union
Die Casting ProcessDie Casting Process Equipment
 3x Oil Recirculating Units: Die Cooling/Heating
Melting Department1x furnace 150 kg Zn /h + zinc pump + ingots moulds
Trim Department1x IDRA 120kN - hydraulic press
 1x EBU 5 - excenter press
 1x MABU - excenter press
 2x HARE 5 BS - hydraulic press
Machining Department1x HV30 –drilling machine
 1x B17 drilling machine
 1x HOB – 01 –tapping
 1x HOB – 02 –tapping
 1x THEISEN special purpose
 1x special purpose 296.135
 1x special purpose 296.2xx
Finishing Department1x GG-40 - shot blasting machine
 1x ROSLER R220EC –tumble grinding
 1x ESPIRAL A350 – tumble grinding
 3x OS3A - barelling
 1x TRS 571-2 - annealing furnace
 2x GUDE/BOW –abrasive-band grinding machine
Quality Deparment 
Assembly Department1x KOVOPOL NJ-6 - riveting machine
 1x pneumatic screwdriver
 1x special purpose pneumatic assembly machine
Tool Room1x ECOSON - ultrasonic cleanerd
 1x SUI 32 - lathe
 1x FUS 22 - milling machine
 1x BRH – 20.02 - grinding machine
 1x BHU 25 - grinding machine
 1x hand tools for tool polishing